Wednesday, January 11, 2012

StencylWorks a nice tool to easily make games without coding

Games are now getting more popular than movies. Major proportion of game revenue is coming from mobile devices. Even on the freelance websites now most of the outsourced work is related to gaming. After the evolution of powerful mobile devices called smart phones, developers are now capable of making more detailed,eye catching games. Companies like Rovio and Zynga made a fortune by selling their games for web and mobile platforms. Flash gaming is still unbeatable on web giving birth to HTML5 games. No doubt the importance of traditional console or PC gaming is there, but companies are now making mobile versions of their game as well. Game making tools which support variety of platforms are now becoming popular within game developers.

The previous paragraph is all about Corporate GIANTS making cash by developing games with their HUGE studios and a list of teams named inside the credits of their game. But you should not let your hopes run dry, because they also took a start from one or two guys. If your game idea is unique then you should go for it. Think about the guy who gave the idea of ANGRY BIRDS, he was also like us. Once you are done with your game idea, pick a tool that can develop your game easily and quickly. Thats where StencylWorks comes in.

StencylWorks is a FREE game making tool by Stencyl company. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Currently it can publish games to flash,iPhone and iPad but Stencyl has future plans to extend its tool to also publish games for android and HTML5. StencylWorks has a nice website containing a wiki and an active forum to get started with it. StencylWorks is free for the whole development and testing of games on flash and iOS. But to publish your game on App Store you need to purchase their license.

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