Saturday, January 21, 2012

jQ.Mobi another smartphone/tablet web application development api lanched

Why we prefer smart phones over old non-smart phones. You guys are right, they are capable of storing more contacts, messages and notes. But there is one another advantage they have on old phones.

"Let me call them old phones, because they are old and not smart."

Yes, they have a relatively efficient/new web browser and lots of third party applications. Old phones are also not getting updates that is why their web browsers can only show websites which contain WAP or HTML4 content. According to a survey smart phone users spend more time on applications rather than using internet on mobile's browser. This mean a huge cloud of third party applications is the only reason behind buying a smart phone.

But some of you might not agree with the above conclusion. Third party applications are also available for almost every old handset. They are not productive and easy to use as compared to Computer applications, but they still exist. Today, when we buy a smart phone we expect that its applications will give us a experience close to computer application. People are now looking at smart phones and tablets as an alternative of a computer.

For publishers it is like the biggest hurdle, because there are lot of brands of smart phones out there in market.

"From publishers i mean companies who make applications/softwares. Now don't get confused by the word software, it is another name for application."

If publishers want their application made to run on each brand's smartphone/tablet. They will have to create departments to develop application for each brand. Every department require employees with relevant skills. Now you understand why it is a hefty job?

These companies thought their way out of this problem by identifying, which application is by default available in every smartphone.

"Applications which are already available inside a new device are called default applications. Company install them on the device and they cannot be removed by any user."

They found out that web browser is the only application which is available in every smart phone and tablet by default. So companies started developing api's or libraries which can be used to make applications. These libraries are consist of HTML and javascript files. By including these api's, applications use resources of web browser available inside the smartphone/tablet. Due to the heavy use of javascript in these api's, applications some time run slow on the smartphone. Although these api's are facing compatibility issues, but they are still popular inside the publishers because they run on almost every smartphone/tablet.

jQ.Mobi is another api/library for making mobile applications. They have specially optimized their api to avoid lag or slow down while running on mobile devices. Although their api is in beta testing phase, but i hope pretty soon they will capture nice share of mobile application development.

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