Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grooveshark's HTML5 app is on the news

It is everywhere on the internet that Grooveshark has launched beta version of their music app created in HTML5. Yes, it is a big moment for HTML5 and a good alternative of mobile native app. It occurred that Grooveshark moved towards their web app after getting their native iOS app removed from Apple App Store. The fun part is that you can now access Grooveshark app on any modern browser.

Being a tech savvy person, i was interested to know which mobile api they used for transitions and touch capabilities. Because there are mobile api's available on the internet like jQueryMobile and Sencha Touch. But unfortunately, i got no clue about the api after seeing the source code of their web app. Although jQuery is being used inside the minified javascript files Grooveshark used in their app. Although mobile web apps have a past of being laggy on mobile browsers, but Grooveshark's beta app run smoothly on iOS browser with a simple layout and small footprint of javascript.

HTML5 Tag Check
HTML5 new tags like header, footer, article, section and nav are not used inside the app. Basically due to their limited implementation on mobile browsers. On the other hand they have used script text/templates to speed up client side rendering and updating. Facebook sharing tags are also implemented inside the source to make it available for sharing within your friends.

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