Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zend Framework doesn't support bulk inserts

Frameworks have definitely made life easier for a developer. Specially web applications who always face a threat of being hacked, if developed from scratch. But today, developers of these applications worry no more about making applications safe from hacking. Framework do this job for them. They only need to follow the framework's recommendations.

Many of the modern frameworks provide their own api's for doing common tasks. For example if we were to develop a database driven application we are required to do simple sql related tasks like insert, select or update. DB related tasks are handled by DB related api's of framework and contain method for almost every sql operation.

Couple of days ago i got a chance to play around Zend Framework version 1.11. After seeing the depth of this framework with endless possibilities i became a fan of it. Although Zend Framework documentation need lot of improvements, but O my! they might be the first to adopt PHP 5.3 features like closures and namespaces for their Zend Framework 2.

Unfortunately, there is one part i was said to find out inside about Zend Framework that it cannot do multiple/bulk or batch insert in one query. I know what you guys are thinking about.

"Even the simplest PHP/MySQL frameworks have bulk insert feature".

If Zend Framework has a room left for a feature, we would love to have this one implemented.